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Treenikeidas - treenikämppä, Espoo

Band Rehearsal Rooms in Espoo

Coming in 2017 to Espoo!

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In case you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the link below. You can even place a preliminary reservation of your own rehearsal space. Reservations made at this point will not oblige anyone to anything yet. However, the ones with a registered and confirmed reservation will be given priority when the facilities are ready for customers to move in. So, don’t miss your opportunity to be among the lucky ones moving their band/music into facilities they deserve.

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bands, musicians, artists and music teachers

For bands, musicians, artists and music teachers

In 2017 we will be building to Espoo a new band rehearsal center for bands, musicians, artists, music teachers and students. The arrival to Treenikeidas is easy both via public transportation or by your own car. There are parking spaces available right next to the entrance.

rehearsal rooms

Customized rehearsal rooms

All our music rooms will be able to fulfill all modern requirements for playing music and will be planned accordingly. Some of the rooms will be fully equipped with instruments and equipments to enable band rehearsals with very small efforts and without the need to bring your own gear. These studios will have an hourly rate instead of monthly fee. This makes it possible for you to choose the right kind of facilities to suit your needs.

Always open

24/7 - Practice whenever you want

For members, Treenikeidas is open around the clock. Therefore you can practice or move your gear whenever it suits you and your schedules. There will be electric access control and camera surveillance to keep your rehearsal room and instruments safe. Also a separate entrance directly from the large ground level parking area, which makes it easy for you to move your gear.


Everything you need

Together with our partners we aim to offer a wide selection of necessary services like back line rental, instrument maintenance and repairs, supply sales, studio services, events etc. We will inform more about these separately when we can confirm the partners, so make sure to check out our partners page for the latest and official information.

Everything you need for inspiring band rehearsals can be reached under one roof and in most cases, right from your own space. Not to mention the great opportunity to meet and share your music together with other inspired musicians, bands and teachers.

Contact us and ask for more details

You can also make a preliminary reservation. The reservation will not oblige you to anything at this point. We will contact you after the facilities are ready for customers to move in. Priority is given to those with a registered and confirmed reservation, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Please do tell us also more about your needs and wishes regarding your possible space at Treenikeidas or services you’d like to see us offering. We will do our best to make our rehearsal rooms top quality, cozy, inspiring and meeting YOUR needs.

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